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About Our Designer

Grace Chen

The Artist and The founder

Grace Chen is the founder of Y.C Fashion Design, TianYun International Han Couture Research Center.  


She established brands such as Tianyun Design, Tianyun Hanfu, GraceChenJewelry, GraceChenCouture, etc.

The story of Grace Chen

Grace Chen (Chen Xiuying): Grace has an artistic talent since she was a child. She likes to paint. In addition to Lotus, Peony, imaginary fairies, She especially loves the clothes and headwear of fairies in the album. In an art exhibition in middle school, the teacher found her artistic talent and she began to study fine arts.


In 1992, she was admitted to the Tian Jin Institute of Textile Science and Technology and major in clothing design. In 1996, she joined the National Garments Research and Design Center of China; In July 1999, she participated in advanced Women's tailoring design training at the CHAMBRE SYNDICALE DE LA COUTURE PARISIENNE ECOLE SUPERIEURE; During the work at the China Uniform Group, she participated and also organized many Advanced training with many designers; After working in Paris, France in 2003, she worked in the field of clothing.


Since 2008, Grace Chen (Chen Xiuying) began researching and verifying Hanfu-related books and materials. She won the silver and excellence awards in the “Global Hanfu Return Design Award”; In particular, after collecting and reviewing a large amount of data on Hanfu from different dynasties, she was amazed by the vast and profound civilization of the five thousand years in China. From the costumes of the past dynasties alone, she felt the profound cultural heritage of the Chinese nation who possessed the "state of etiquette and the beauty of costumes".


Since then, Grace Chen has a deeper understanding of Chinese clothing - Hanfu. Hanfu is no longer a dress. It is deeply connected with the glorious history and culture of the Chinese nation. 


Because of her love and interest in Chinese orthodox culture, as a Chinese, as a designer, Grace has developed a deep sense of responsibility for reviving the Hanfu culture.



Grace Chen began to excavate, and study Hanfu more deeply. From the materials of Chinese costumes from various parties found, she verified and analyzed the characteristics of Hanfu in different dynasties. Drawing inspiration and connotation from traditional Chinese traditional cultures, such as graceful, luxurious, elegant Tang and Song costumes, Chinese auspicious symbols, patterns, and accessories. She opened a new field in fashion design. She constantly explores the connotation of Hanfu culture to enriched her designs.

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