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Our Organization

Costumes And Culture Research Inc is the first non-profit traditional Hanfu costume culture and art research institution (NPO) with 501 (c) registration in the United States.

The headquarter of TianYun International Han Couture Research Center AKA Costumes And Culture Research Inc is in New York.

Its goal is to revive the 5,000-year-old legendary civilization of China, and to promote the traditional culture, art of pure goodness, beauty, especially the etiquette, morality, humanity and art of the orthodox Hanfu.

Based on the cultural concept of harmony between man and nature, combined with the cultural and artistic expressions such as piano, chess, books, paintings, swords, poems, medicine, and tea, the beauty of Hanfu is reflected.

TianYun International Han Couture Research Center has established a platform for Chinese and Western traditional culture and art research.

It also contributes to the interaction and friendly cooperation of traditional cultures and arts of all countries in the world.

This cultural research center is composed of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, social activists, and well-known scholars and celebrities in the fields of culture, education, economic technology, arts, and sports.

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