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Hanfu volunteers celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival New York Manhattan gathering

On the afternoon of September 7, 2014, volunteers from all over the world who love traditional Hanfu culture gathered in Manhattan, a crossroads of the world.

This is the place where Chinese and Western cultures come across.

This is the center of economic, culture, fashion, arts.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, they held this Hanfu event with their love for the traditional Chinese culture. The theme of this event is to promote the 5000 years of Chinese traditional culture, and revive Hanfu;

Grace Chen, the founder of Costumes and Culture Research inc, and many Hanfu fans in New York made speeches. They are proud of wearing Hanfu, and they all believe that the Hanfu volunteers who participated in this event jointly contribute their efforts to promote the traditional Hanfu culture.

Henry loves Hanfu very much. He used to be a chess expert, and later fell in love with traditional classical culture, and began to learn Guqin and Tai Chi. As long as the activities related to Hanfu, Henry will fully support! He is the main force of New York Hanfu Fans.

Audrey Zhao played the Guqin in this event, bringing people a nostalgic feeling.

Zheng Yi, a doctoral student from Long Island, is a big fan of Hanfu. She loves traditional Chinese culture and can play Guzheng. She and her boyfriend showed their talents and expressed their love for Hanfu.

Jasmine is a Columbia University student who’s studying ancient Chinese and she is committed to promote Hanfu.

Crystal knows the style of Hanfu and the clothing of each dynasty very well. She introduced each style and characteristics of Hanfu for girls who’s wearing it in the event.

Xue Yun is an introverted girl. She is passionate about traditional Chinese classical culture. She likes classical instruments and she can play Xiao.

The organizer, Grace Chen, the founder of Costumes and Culture Research inc, wished everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

On the happy festival, more than ever we think of our relatives far away. Being able to meet everyone here on this special day is fortune. It is our wish to be able to meet in Manhattan, New York, and to promote traditional cultural Hanfu together.

This research center is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the return of orthodox Chinese culture and Hanfu cultural etiquette. All participants are volunteers, and I hope everyone will work together for this!

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