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New York Hanfu Fans promote Chinese culture at Brian Park at Dragon Boat Festival

In order to promote traditional Chinese culture, New York Hanfu lovers gathered at Bryant Park which located on the west side of the public library, on the arrival of the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. This is a place with a western cultural atmosphere and as well as a favorite place for New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world. 

The euphonious sound of guqin, the stunning and fetching hanfu, the elegant and graceful dance of Han and Tang. The arrival of Hanfu lovers has brought an elegance to the park. They attracted many Westerners and Chinese people to come and ask for a group photo.

Whenever someone came to inquire and take photos, the Hanfu lovers gave away the dumplings, red eggs and sachets to people. Tthe Hanfu lovers also informed that they were wearing Chinese Hanfu, and Zongzi was a Chinese folk festival, etc. This allows people to get to know the traditional Chinese culture.

Henry who fell in love with Guqin and Hanfu. Henry is a loyal fan of Hanfu and loves traditional Chinese culture. He has mastered chess for more than 20 years and has won many awards.

He needs to memorize many chess scores in the process of playing it, and keep thinking about how to defeat the opponent. This makes him feel exhausted. Therefore, he gave up chess which he has been playing for more than two decades and chose Guqin and Yoga.

Henry fell in love with Guqin, which made his heart feel peaceful. His Guqin teacher suggested that he should wear Hanfu when he is playing Guqin. After buying a fitted Hanfu, he feel in love with its comfort and became a huge fan of it. 

Henry will appear in Chinese Hanfu. He doesn't feel awkward, but feels that he can wear Hanfu to let more people learn about the traditional Chinese culture and history. He’s proud of himself.

Wenxin is a Columbia University student who loves traditional Chinese culture, Hanfu, Guqin, and dreams of becoming a director.

Fanfan is active in promoting the Hanfu culture in New York. Actually, many young students are loyal fans of Hanfu.

As a person who loves classical dance, Taylor performed the Han and Tang dances at the event. In Taylor's words, "I like Chinese culture so much"! 

Leo Li & Lulu Huang 

Hanfu gave them a brand new experience.

In the End, enjoy the beautiful Han and Tang Dance

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