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Alliance of American Chambers of Commerce

The Spring Fashion Banquet was held on February 8, 2014 by the American Chamber of Commerce in Midtown Manhattan.

At this Fashion Academic Lecture, Grace Chen (Chen Ying), the founder of Costumes and Culture Research inc, a famous designer in New York, introduced her Hanfu design.

At the meeting, the guests interacted enthusiastically and looked forward to the revival of Hanfu. Many guests said that the revival of Chinese traditional culture is very essential.

As a Chinese, we have sufficient reason to carry forward and further develop it in perpetuity.

We have to treat Hanfu as if it were culture and art, and it should be elegant and refined.

Ten years ago, Miss Li Jun won the 2nd Asian Princess Princess Beauty Pageant.

A beautiful and exquisite Hanfu can make people treasure as art. Hanfu is truly a part of precious culture.

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