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Jiawu Dragon Boat Festival, an ancient cultural festival!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Hello everyone! This year on June 2 is the legendary Dragon Boat Festival! We will be holding a series of activities to enjoy this traditional Chinese celebration on Sunday June,01, 2014. 

Our Event:

1. Our cultural festival will start at 1:30 and will include the following activities.

  • 1) Worshiping our ancestors in the time-honored way

  • 2) The Dragon Boat festival

  • 3) Sharing tea and a traditional Chinese meal

  • 4) An intelligence game from Imperial China

  • 5) Talent show! Traditional Chinese instruments pipa, guqin and guzheng; calligraphy, poetry, martial arts, Chinese Han Tang dance, tea ceremony. (to take part contact Fanfan or Rhyme on the numbers below)

  • 6) Experience the joy of wearing traditional Chinese clothes!

  • 7) Lantern ceremony – light lanterns in the evening and make special prayers(Uncertain)

If you plan to experience wearing traditional Chinese clothing, you must get in touch by Friday 30th May, so that we can prepare clothing that will match your body size. All media please get in touch. School activities are welcomed, we charge $10 per person for this opportunity. Everyone who is interested in traditional Chinese culture will love this event. We will help you get some great pictures to remember your Dragon Boat Festival!

We welcome all people with high ideals and a love of traditional culture.

The activities will take place in Manhattan, New York. The meeting place is: 4 West 43 Rd St floor hall

Afternoon activities run from 1:30 to 5:30(on Sunday June 01 2014.) Evening activities, runs from 6:00 to 8:00

To get in touch with us about the Dragon Boat Festival call: GuYun :212 -321-0318 Henry :347-217-5210 You can also register on our website:

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