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Fans of Hanfu promote traditional culture, stunning fashion capital

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

On May 3, 2014, a group of Chinese who loved traditional Chinese culture gathered in Central Park, Manhattan, New York. Hanfu fans wearing beautiful Hanfu promoted traditional Chinese culture.

Wherever they went, they attracted people's attention. The masses took photos with the beautiful women in Hanfu, setting off a trend of Hanfu fashion!

Folk cultural lovers spread its culture freely, so people are getting more and more aware of Hanfu.

With a rich history of 5,000 years in China, Hanfu is based on the ancient people's implicit, natural and comfortable clothing design principle. Hanfu is "not only fashionable, but also reflects the cultivation of people".

The popularity of Hanfu makes more people pay attention to traditional Chinese culture. As people draw closer, Hanfu is no longer synonymous of ancient costumes.

Nowadays, many modern costumes that have evolved based on Hanfu elements have entered the fashion arena.

As a traditional national costume, the return and recovery of Hanfu not only deepened people's understanding and accomplishment of their national culture, but also demonstrated the profound cultural connotation of the Chinese nation.

As one of the organizers, also the founder of Costumes and Culture Research Inc, we are very grateful to all the friends who participated in this Hanfu cultural promotion event!

Thanks to the media and cameramen for their great support! ! 

And thanks for all the fans who support us.

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